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Why Does the World Need Another Blog?

Why Does the World Need Another Blog? I asked myself this question, as I began to put together some words to fill a tiny hole in that monstrous space everyone calls the ‘Blogosphere’. I imagined that wanting to write a blog is rather like wanting to be a fabulous script writer for Marcel Marceau – time consuming but futile!

So. I reasoned to myself: I will fill it up with cartoons and interesting videos instead – that will fill it out – then I wont have to *actually* write something that would bore even a hardened proof-reader. But, alas, it doesn’t seem to look the same somehow – without something to muse over – to tickle the synapses so to speak – and then maybe, just maybe, I will write something interesting when my mind-guard, that fascist censor within, has turned his back for a moment.

What did impel me to embark on this lifelong journey into myself? Was it because I have my own website and wanted to put wordpress on to see what it was like? Or was it because everyone else was doing it – just a lemming-like impulse on a boring Sunday afternoon? Or was it because a friend of a friend asked me what a widget was and I really didn’t know but pretended to know anyway?

Who knows what motivates one to do these things. Maybe to satisfy an inner hunger. Or perhaps, like Mount Everest, simply because it is there!

So here it is, and here is to you dear reader – my first real post and a picture of Marcel Marceau….

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  1. Anne

    I like your writing Pete! :) x Annie

    June 14, 2012 at 7:52 pm